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Hunters in the Sky DVD Set

Hunters in the Sky DVD Set

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Hunters in the Sky: The Fighter Aces of World War II
Running Time: 499 minutes
Not Rated

Over 8 hours of amazing air combat footage from the WWII archives and firsthand accounts of the greatest air battles the world has ever known. Each program features air combat footage shot at the height of raging dog fights. The surviving Fighter Aces from all sides of the conflict (Japan, Germany, Britain, Russia, Canada, Australia and the United States) provide vivid and graphic firsthand accounts of what it was like to be a fighter pilot in some of the most daring, life-threatening air battles of WWII.

Disc 1: Knights in the Sky: Aerial combat and what it takes to be an ace no fear of dying and eyes in the back of your head. Defending the Realm: The Luftwaffe crushes Poland, France, Denmark and Norway, but British Aces save Britain. Red Star Rising: The Soviet Air Force is wiped out by the Luftwaffe but recoversto hold German pilots to a standstill.

Disc 2: Tigers over China: The Flying Tigers, volunteer Americans terrorize Japanese pilots over Chinese skies. Hell in the Pacific: Outnumbered, Americans turn the tide at Midway. Closing the Ring: Marine valor paves the way for aerial assault on Japan. Victory in the Pacific: Japanese air power weakens as American pilots become deadly accurate.

Disc 3: Under All Flags: Royal Air Force defends skies over England. Big Friend, Little Friend: American Aces strike deep in the heart of the Third Reich. Struggle for Supremacy: Germans shock Allies when they deploy jet and rocket fighters.

Disc 4: Assault on Fortress Europe: Undermanned, outgunned Luftwaffe is defiant to the end. Fall of the Third Reich: Final aerial battles between Soviet and German pilots. Reflections on War: Pilots of aerial duels recall skills and purpose that elevated them to the ranks of Aces.

Disc 5: Silent Wings: 6,000 young Americans volunteered to fly large unarmed gliders into battle. Only a few returned.

Disc 6: Last Flight to Berlin: He was two months old when his father s plane was shot down in 1944. Sixty years later he met the German pilot who killed his father. WWI The Birth of Aerial Combat: The Story of the Red Baron, the nemesis of Allied pilots, who downed 80 planes in WWI.

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