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USS Tang Motion Keychain

USS Tang Motion Keychain

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USS Tang Motion Keychain
This keychain features a miniature metal USS Tang submarine that slides back and forth along the keychain.

The USS Tang is the most successful submarine in U.S. Naval history. From 1943-1944, the Tang sank 33 ships. On her last engagement on October 24, 1944, the Tang was sunk by a circular run of her final torpedo while patrolling the Formosa Straight in the South China Sea. The submarine dropped to 180 feet below the surface. Several crew members managed to escape the sunken vessel(out of 13 escapees, 9 made it to the surface), making them the first submariners to do so using a Momsem lung. They reached the surface only to be captured by the wounded Japanese they had been attacking. They remained in a secret Japanese interrogation camp known as "The Torture Farm" until freed in August of 1945.

•Measures 13/4" x 31/4"

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•Measures 13/4" x 31/4"" />