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Victory Theater Keyring

Victory Theater Keyring

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Solomon Victory Theater Keyring
The National WWII Museum's 250-seat Solomon Victory Theater is unlike any other venue, showcasing an experience unlike anything else on the planet.

The theater's 120-feet wide immersive screen shows Beyond All Boundaries, a 4-D cinematic experience. Created and crafted with 21st-century technology, it plunges viewers into the 20th-century's most titanic struggle. It tells the tale of the Greatest Generation's journey from Pearl Harbor into the fire of epic battles to America's final victory in the War That Changed the World, in the words of the veterans themselves. The exclusive production features the voices of some of Hollywood's top stars.

True to history it is, but to appeal to the broadest possible audience - from the Greatest Generation to Gen Y - the Museum brought in Hollywood technicians to create a jaw-dropping experience in 4-D, a technique that engages all the audience's senses with digital effects, life-sized props, animation, and atmospherics as well as film and sound. Audiences will feel the tank treads rumbling across North Africa's deserts, brush snow from their cheecks during the wintery Battle of the Bulge, and flinch as anti-aircraft fire tries to bring down their B-17 on a bombing run over Germany.

•Measures 1" x 11/4"
•Keychain features the Solomon Victory Theater logo

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•Keychain features the Solomon Victory Theater logo" />