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Return to Normandy Print

Return to Normandy Print

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Return to Normandy Print

Taken by photographer Allen Jones, this is an image of the destruction at Pointe du Hoc on the coast of Normandy, France. Pointe du Hoc is the tallest point between Omaha Beach and Utah Beach and the site of a German coastal artillery battery during World War II.

On the morning of June 6th, 1944, Soldiers of the US Army's 2nd Ranger Battalion scaled a 100 foot, nearly shear vertical cliff from the sea using rope ladders. While under heavy fire, some managed to reach the top and knocked out the German artillery battery, which threatened the invasion beaches as well as the fleet in the Channel.

The battlefield today is littered with craters from the massive naval and aerial pre-bombardment that took place. The immense concrete casemates intended for the artillery pieces remain at Pointe du Hoc and are covered in pock marks from the battle. In the image is part of what's left of the German fortifications there. Much of Pointe du Hoc has been left as a memorial.

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•Overall Size: 18"L x 24"W" />