Alley Oops Retro Board Game

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Alley Oops Retro Board Game

Play the raucous game of stumbling and tumbling, Alley Oops! In this traditional American game you roll your colored magic tumbling bean on the ramped game board into a scoring hole. It’s fun and harder than it looks. Classic and addictive fun for the whole family in the original 1930’s retro box. A unique gift for any classic game collector.

Alley Oops was a popular American comic strip in the 1930’s. The name Alley Oops comes from French Gymnasts, who yell “Allez Hop!” (Let’s Go!) before tumbling on the gym mat.

Classic Board Game - For 4 Players - Complete Play Set - Instructions on the Box Lid

Box Size: 14" Long (14 x 8 x 2 inches)