Holocaust Remembrance Ornament

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Holocaust Remembrance Ornament

Designed by Holocaust Survivor Hanka Kornfeld-Marder

In 1941, Holocaust Survivor Hanka Kornfeld-Marder was 13 years old at the time she was taken on a transport train to Auschwitz. She was saved because Auschwitz was too crowded and could not accept any more prisoners. Over the next four years Hanka Kornfeld-Marder was an inmate in four German concentration camps - Faulbrück, Reichenbach, Langbilau, and Peterswaldau - before being liberated on May 8, 1945.

Hanka Kornfeld-Marder chose to portray a leaf in her design for the ornament because once liberated the leaves symbolized rebirth as the survivors reconstructed their lives with hope. The oblong metal piece represents the eternal candle in memory of the victims. The peace dove symbolizes the desire for a world at peace.

Displaying The Holocaust Remembrance Ornament shows a commitment to remember the innocent victims of the persecution and horrors of the Nazi extermination camps. By relaying the survivors' message you will help prevent such a tragedy from happening again. You will give the next generation hope that theirs will be a world of rebirth, a world where peace doves can fly freely.

Ornament measures 3" in diameter

This product is proudly Made in the USA!