The Air War In Colour Casemate DVD

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The Air War in Colour
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May 2013

The Fighting Lady is an Academy Award winning documentary produced in 1944 by the US War Department and US Naval Communication Service.

Shot in color, The Fighting Lady is a documentary film, which revolves around the life of seamen on board the second USS Yorktown (CV-10) - “the Fighting Lady”. The film includes footage of combat in the Marcus Islands, the attack on Truk in the Carolines,and the famous Marianas ‘turkey shoot’. Directed by Edward Stiechen and narrated by Charles Boyer and Robert Taylor.

Memphis Belle is an Oscar-winning film also produced in 1944. Directed by famed William Wyler (then a Lieutenant Colonel) and released by the US War Department, the film presented real-life footage of dozens of Allied bombing missions by the Flying Fortress B-17 bomber during the Second World War.

This superb collection is essential viewing for military history devotees.