Winston Churchill Compact Guide PB

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Winston Churchill (The Compact Guide)
By: Christopher Catherwood
128 Pages
Feb. 2020

This brief and fascinating biography examines every facet of Churchill’s life, from his birth at Blenheim Palace, his tumultuous early political career at Westminster, his inspirational wartime leadership, to his final years as the grand old man of world politics.
Renowned for guiding Britain through the tumultuous Second World War, Churchill was a master orator whose speeches echo through history. But there is more to the man than his official words and photos. Winston Churchill reveals that hidden life, tracking his nine decades from early childhood to his last days. Churchill’s personal letters, documents, and speeches combine to create a unique illustrated portrait of this remarkable man—including his failings, such as the disastrous Gallipoli campaign, the creation of Iraq in 1921, and his blind spot over India. This exciting, colorful exploration of a political titan’s life is a definite must-read.